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Getting fit and active has never been so much fun with our range of exercise classes here at The Anner Leisure Centre 

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There are currently no classes taking place.  However, we look forward to their return in the Autumn - guidelines permitting.


Zumba is a way to dance yourself into shape. Latin inspired music and calorie burning rhythms make this the dance fitness party you don't want to miss!


This class is one of extreme intensity. It will use a variety of cardio and strength and conditioning exercises that will improve your fitness level and burn fat!


Feel super energised and ready to take on the day with our BRAND NEW early morning class that will include a variety of exercises performed at high intensity!


Known as the Zumba Pool Party, the Aqua Zumba programme incorporates the Zumba formula with traditional aquatic disciplines making this class cardio conditioning, body toning and exhilirating beyond belief


This class will hit total body using a mixture of upper and lower body exercises in each class. This class will tone you up, lower your body fat and improve your basic level of fitness.


A challenging water based workout. Not only does it burn calories, it is low impact on the joints. It also improves core strength whilst being extremely enjoyable!


National Quality Standard Award

(Formally White Flag Award)

The Anner Leisure Centre is an award-winning facility after gaining the Outstanding (Gold) Award for 2021 and Top 3 In the Overall Best Hotel Leisure Centre Category in these Awards. 

The Anner Leisure Centre had previously gained the Exceeded Award for 2019 and 2020.

The National Quality Standard Award assesses the following areas:

- Hygiene
- Customer Relations
- Human Resources

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